14 Feb Tell Media At The Mobile World Congrees

The Mobile World Congress will be organized in Barcelona as every year, from February 27 to March 2, 2017.

And of course, Tellmedia will be there.

But what is the Mobile World Congress (or MWC)?

It is an event that brings together each year the mobile industry and related industries. It is organized by the GSMA.

And every year, we always see more participants. In 2016, more than 100,000 professionals from over 200 countries gathered at this event. This is probably the biggest event of the mobile industry of the year. It was therefore essential for Tellmedia to go there.

Mobile World Congress includes:

  • an exhibition with more than 2,200 companies displaying cutting-edge technologies,
  • a world-class conference featuring visionary lectures and debates,
  • the best networking opportunities in the industry,
  • the annual Global Mobile Awards ceremony, which recognizes innovative mobile solutions and initiatives around the world.

The 7 main themes are:

  • content and media,

The questions that will be addressed are: how is the content delivered? Who? By who? And who benefits? … These questions will be critical business problems in the years to come. In the meantime, faster, more ubiquitous connectivity and new device formats are opening up new forms of entertainment and interaction, from VR headsets to Pokemon Go.

  • IOT user,

In a changing digital world, how will users interact with their digital environment? What will they pay? How are they changing? In the meantime, how can brands and services create richer services and offerings tailored to the user and the context?

  • the fourth industrial revolution,

There will be two parts on this theme: one on the application of technology and the other on the implementation and evolution of business models, strategies and competitive markets as digitization increases.

  • government and public policy,

What policies are needed to promote innovation? Competition? Private life? And the security of consumers in the digital age? How can the government and the mobile industry collaborate to stimulate key factors to expand digital inclusion for all?

  • social networks,

What are the obstacles to achieving ubiquitous, simple and essential connectivity?

  • platforms,

This theme brings together topics on some of the fundamental technologies that will determine the nature of the future digital world: artificial intelligence, robotics, sensors, interfaces in natural language, material evolution, quantum computing, data storage and energy, cloud, security, privacy, identity and more.

  • Sustainable development

From the point of view of the company, what are the opportunities to create sustainable enterprises in line with the objectives of sustainable development?

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