5 Tips For Launching a New Strategy On Your Social Media in 2017

Fear nothing. Hootsuite’s digital marketing team has put together some quick tips to quickly create a leading digital strategy, even if you’re not early. Rest assured, this guide will allow you to put together a solid strategy for the coming year.

If you do not know where to start to set your goals, try the SMART method to set specific, measurable, attainable, timely, and time-bound goals.

The basics of your strategy depend primarily on your goal. What are the most important indicators for your business? What return on investment do you expect?

Your 2017 goals may be the same as last year, but they are likely to have changed to a minimum, due in part to constant changes in social media (and your business).

If you do not know where to start to set your goals, try the SMART method to set specific, measurable, attainable, timely, and time-bound goals.

Get into the analysis of last year’s data to find out what worked and which did not really elicit feedback from your target audience. Study the success (or failure) of the digital campaigns you have launched, the activity and interactions across all your platforms, and the types of content that have been most popular in your audience.

To do this, perform a social media audit: this allows you to analyze your presence on social media and determine what works and does not work.

Depending on the data you collect, you may want to change the time you publish content to reach a larger audience and foster interactions, or focus on Facebook at the expense of Instagram because the latter platform has generated less regular return on investment.

You understand that you have to be guided by the data from last year. For a complete overview of all your social network metrics from one place, use Hootsuite Analytics .

Hootsuite’s digital marketing team always analyzes the best times to publish contentbased on the number of interactions. “As a brand, we share a lot of content and want it to reach our subscribers’ feeds when they’re connected,” says Amanda Wood, digital marketing specialist at Hootsuite.

The team adapts the time of its publications according to the data contained in its analysis reports.

In this example, this process never stops, because there are several factors that can affect interactions: vacations, major events, or anything else that plays a role in your audience’s online behavior.

The live and ephemeral videos ( Facebook live and Snapchat ) have been a lot of (virtual) ink in 2016. We also tested this concept throughout the year. In December, we launched our first live Facebook video in the form of a year-end campaign . This effort paid off, and our team came to the conclusion that we could reuse this type of content creation, which has the advantage of being fast, inexpensive, versatile and internally feasible.

Review your social media channels to find out who is following you and interacting with your content. Are these the users you are targeting?

If this is not the case, it may be time to change the type of content you publish or focus on another platform. Indeed, your message must constantly reach your target audience.

While it’s important to share with all the users who come to you on social media, you need to tailor your efforts to the targeted profiles to reach your business goals.

Pro tip: Never stop analyzing your data and refining your strategy. Track reports, test and analyze new types of content and new strategies, and determine what works and what does not really work.

Social media is changing rapidly. You must take the latest trends in the industry, or at least study them.

As Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes has pointed out, the top five trends in social media in 2017 are:

  1. Paid social media
  2. Employee mobilization
  3. Social Media Training
  4. Presence of CEOs on social media
  5. Social selling

Of course, not all of these trends are related to your business goals or brand. Social selling , for example, is very successful in the financial sector. Indeed, financial advisors must establish long-term relationships with their clients. The situation is different in the consumer goods sector, which does not rely as strongly on the relationship between professionals and potential customers.

Investigate trends, both recent and early, and determine if they fit your business goals and can be integrated into your brand strategy.

As we have already explained, a large part of digital marketing activities consists in constantly renewing oneself and imagining new ideas to preserve the dynamism of your channels. And to gain creativity, do not hesitate to take inspiration from what is done elsewhere.

Follow the activities of opinion leaders and industry heavyweights, but do not overlook other less obvious sources.

Hootsuite’s digital marketing team likes to follow the innovations of retailers. These companies typically have a social media and creative budget that allows them to test new concepts and go further.

They also have physical products that they can highlight on their digital channels. The brand Michel and Augustin  is one of our favorites.

Social media is constantly evolving, so your strategy must follow suit. Do not try to plan your entire year all at once and feel free to treat different parts of your project and optimize your strategy as you go.

Set your business goals in January, but keep in mind that you can adapt your strategy at any time to achieve them. Social media is changing at lightning speed: it’s up to you to keep up to date.

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