Create a Mobile Application in 4 Steps

It is difficult to find people between the ages of 18 and 65 who do not own a smartphone. Everyone has their own needs, from a social and professional point of view, which means that each person has different needs regarding mobile applications . And even if there are millions of mobile applications in tori, the application you need may not exist. It is precisely in this way that the ideas of applications are born, but it is also how doubts arise: how to create a mobile application without any knowledge in programming?

It would be fantastic to know how to create a mobile application quickly and without help. It would be nice to have basic notions of mobile application development, but if you do not, know that you can still do your project. You can find mobile developers to create the application you have in mind. Are you ready for this long journey? On Yeeply’s blog, each publication will cover one aspect of the process of creating an application, YOUR APPLICATION. But for now, forget about looking for application developers. Let’s start at the beginning: you will first need to define your application idea and convert it to a mobile application project? Well, at work!

I have a mobile app idea. And now, what?

If you already have an application idea, it may not be well enough defined to publish an application project on developer search platforms like Yeeply.

It is not the same thing to create a simple application as an application based on a database or a mobile game , for example. You will need to clearly define what will be the purpose of your mobile application. This will define the type of developers and designers you will need, and even the necessary budget.

The Target or the audience it is targeting is important to know how to develop an application, which design to use for the application and which strategy to use to monetize your application . And most importantly, is there an audience large enough to create a mobile app?

You need to do a market research and conscientiously analyze the competition to see if your idea already exists. If it does not exist, it’s great! Create a mobile application will be faster! If it already exists, do not be discouraged, you can certainly enter the market by offering a better product, by differentiating yourself or offering a cheaper service.

What are you looking for with this app? Do you want to create an app that earns you money? Or is it an application whose return on investment will not be economical? Not all apps are created to make money. Even if the development of mobile applications is not cheap, and by creating the application we will invest large amounts of money, it would be wise to apply a monetization strategy to at least recover the sums invested. in development. We have already mentioned all these points in the article “Defining a good mobile application project”  in which we give more explanations.

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