Create an Editorial Calendar for Facebook and Social Networks

Regularly publish attractive content, is one of the essential conditions to be successful on social networks.
Still, we must not find ourselves without inspiration when the time comes, not just publish on the water according to his desires, in short have no control over his content management on Facebook, Twitter or other Linkedin .
Here is a step in 6 steps, to create an editorial calendar in Excel, which can also be used by small businesses or SMEs that do not wish to acquire more complex tools – and paying – for content management.

In Excel, start building your calendar, mentioning each week (number and dates). To constrain oneself to follow a day-to-day rhythm would be too tedious for most companies, and therefore not very operational.
Complete the weeks for a period of 3 months (or more), adding at the end of each month a column that will measure how well you are meeting your publication goals.

For any company, whatever its activity, there are “highlights” that are privileged moments to communicate on social networks and reach users looking for related information.
It can be exhibitions and exhibitions (even if you are not an exhibitor), events (TV shows, news events, film or album launch …), … “(heritage, nature, museums, grandmothers, neighbors …). Not to mention holidays, sales dates, holiday dates, … that can be important in certain sectors.
Also add predictable key dates for your business (anniversary date,

Even if many content broadcast on your social networks have not been written by yourself (sharing articles, retweets, …), it is important to create proprietary content , to promote its brand, its products or services, and generate more traffic
Blog posts (1 to 2 per month or more) come immediately to mind, but we can also use in its strategy of “content marketing” various formats: infographics, books blanks, slideshows, videos, … All this content planned in advance will be positioned in the broadcast schedule.

This step is one of the most important. It is with attractive content, interesting for your fans or subscribers, that you will retain them and make them react (make them involved: like, share, comment …).
Like an editor-in-chief, it is up to you to define your editorial strategy , and therefore the major themes around which you will communicate. They will of course have to be related to your activity.
Expect about 6 to 12 themes, some of which are unavoidable (company news, promotions / special offers – if relevant – and unscheduled information – therefore unpredictable).

Within a given theme, multiple topics of publications are possible. To save time and ensure that the topics in your articles will not be chosen at random, it is best to anticipate and prepare in advance what will be the specific subject of your publications .
Your own proprietary content, content to share found during your readings on the web or suggested by those around you, will be distributed on your calendar.
You can even add details such as the link to the web page or the post to share, the name of the file of the image or video to be published, or the precise text of your post or tweet comment in Excel.

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