Discovering Your Creativity With Skillshare

Creativity is something that happens in an instant, it’s this process that our brain does that wants to make something. Something beautiful, weird, astonishing, ugly and all that. This is the reason why creating a robot that acts like a human is very hard for the reason that the human brain is so complex that only God can create it, with that said, there are individuals that are more in touch with their creative side, and these guys are called artists.

Artists are very comfortable reaching for their creativity because it feels like home for them. Everyone has the potential to be an artist, the only problem is that people lack practice with their creativity. You see being creative is a skill, skills are not just about the physical aspect, it’s also cognitive. People are always astonished about artists doing what they do and some would even ask themselves “how did he do that?”. (Is a compliment by the way) Artists are not born as artists, it never happened overnight either, it’s just that they were better or they were given more opportunities to explore their creative side than anyone else. 

Practice makes perfect: You don’t get to be a good musician if you don’t practice. You can’t properly plant plants if you don’t practice. You can’t draw well if you don’t practice. You can’t do skim reading if you don’t practice. You don’t become a good sculptor if you don’t practice. You can’t be good at cooking if you don’t practice and you can’t be a good driver if you don’t practice. You get the drift right? If you want to acquire a skill, it’s not just about getting some lessons, it’s more in practice.

Finding a good teacher: As much as most people want to be an apprentice of their idol they can’t that is why some people will enroll in classes instead of being taught the same way as the people that they look up to. While some try to be self-taught and tried to find their own way and made experience their teacher. Whatever goes, the important thing is to never lose your way and improve, become better than what you are. If you think you are losing your way, it’s not even bad adopting other motivation from other people and skill. Try the “mamba mentality” that Kobe Bryant has, he has this men reality to be the better than that what he was, and he applies it every single day, that is why he disciplined himself and worked twice or thrice as hard than anybody in the NBA the end result? Surely you already know.

Whatever your creative path will be the important thing is to never lose your way and continue to the path of creativity. It doesn’t even have to be exclusive in just one form of art, it can be many. Some people that got into graffiti even got into tattooing because they see it as the next level of their journey. If you need guidance but you want it as a formal lesson but you don’t want to go to school, boy skillshare has something pretty exciting for you. If you want to know what that is visit this link.

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