Here’s How to Create a Mobile App Without Knowing How To Code

HOW TO USE – Two million apps available on the App Store, not far from having on the Google Play Store: the application market has become an eldorado that many covet. If you are not a developer or computer scientist at heart, you may not know everything about this course possibly the fighter but achievable even for neophytes.

With millions of apps available on different stores, developer has become a business of the future. In recent years, this booming new market has created nearly 200,000 jobs in France. Apple has announced that it has even donated some $ 20 billion to its developers around the world last year. So why not get started? If you have a good idea and will, here are some tips to accompany you.

1- Find a promising idea

To create an application, you need to find a relevant idea that meets a need or solves a problem. First of all, study its potential market, who its competitors are, and define its user profile (smartphone only or tablet, target, age, etc.). If you find your idea fabulous, but there is no one to use your app, you will have lost a lot of time and maybe money.


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2- Give background and form to your app

It’s important to know what you’re going to put in your app, to develop its great features – the main ones and those to add in a second time – but do not drown in too many options. The best apps are sometimes the simplest and those that only show one feature. Using PowerPoint or online software like Balsamiq , you can design a first visual prototype of your app. Even if it is not yet functional, its ergonomics, its architecture and its sections will already have a first idea, even with simple animations.

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