Hikashop, The e-Commerce Solution for Joomla Website

Looking for the easiest way to start your business online right away? There are some free and premium extensions available for the e-commerce Joomla websites. For example, I found Hikashop comparatively useful for an e-Commerce solution

In the process of becoming an excellent alternative to the Joomla Virtuemart component, this e-Commerce extension comes with a set of features, with minimal restriction in the free version and many possibilities in commercial versions.

So the extension is pleasant in general except that it is the user experience. For your convenience, I divided my entire process into 6 steps. See below.

  • Download and install Hikashop
  • Create a product category
  • Add product categories, images and prices
  • Add features
  • Post products in Front-en

Download the Hikashop e-Commerce extension from their site and install it from the Joomla extension manager. For a quick demonstration, I will describe the entire process of the non-commercial version of Hikashop on the Template Bolt. So, if you do not have the premium version, feel free to download the non-commercial version.

Categories are mandatory to have an extended advantage of this extension, such as the complex chart and more. To create a category, go to COMPONENTS> HIKASHOP> CATEGORIES. If you do not need a category, you do not need to create it. You will see a category called “Product Categories” in the left column, add y your product.

If you want many categories, be sure you have selected the root from the left column. Click on the “New” button and create your own category. You can see on the image below that I created three new categories.

The categories are Joomla templates, WordPress templates and Ghost templates. My categories are now ready to take my products.

Note : You can not delete the default category, you must rename it for the new one.)

Now it’s time to add products to our store. Go to COMPONENTS> HIKASHOP> Products. Once you are on the Product page, click on the “New” button. This will bring up a page with many other options. Fill in the product name fields. Scroll down the page where you have more important data that you need to add. Make sure you have filled in the code field. It is necessary and others depend on the type of product, specification and other options.

As you can see, important settings options are available. Now I add only product categories, image and price also in product details.

When you click the ” New ” button to create new products from the Product Manager , it will open with the category highlighted in the Product Manager. Now click on ” Add ” in the category section. Select the root ( root ) in the right sidebar, then select the appropriate category and click OK . A product could have several categories. You can add other categories as you add the first.

The image of the product is essential for its presentation. Add it from the image section, you have already downloaded it by clicking on the selection button. You can see below that I added an image for our model product.

The price filling section is one of the key parts of this section. But you might find adding price for your product a bit confusing. Click the Add button. You can add a row by clicking this button. If you want to delete a row, set its price to 0. The change will be applied after you click Save.

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