How to Choose a Content Marketing Agency?

Everyone agrees that we need to invest in content marketing . To (better) present his products and services but also to tell the story of his company, share his vision and inspire. In short, produce quality content that will seduce and convince future customers.

Yes but here … Very few companies, small or medium, have the in-house know-how or the staff to develop an  effective content strategy . Turning to an outside partner seems like the logical solution. 

If until now you’ve managed alone, it’s time to move up a gear. And if you’re wondering why outsource rather than engage, here are some things that should make you think:

Vision. An external partner will have a different approach to your positioning, a critical eye on your competitiveness and your strengths compared to your competitors. It can even detect threats or opportunities that you would not have detected, too taken by the daily life of your company. He can challenge you and make you progress.

Save time . Managing your web presence often means extra work for you or your staff. You deal with it when you have the time. Result: the delays are lengthened and your brand image suffers. With an external partner, the pace of publication is defined from the outset and respected because it is part of the strategy put in place.

Expertise . Creating web content requires a set of increasingly specialized expertise: optimized writing, SEO, web integration, computer graphics, video, etc. An agency has multiple skills or uses a network of specialists to provide a complete service.

Quality . Most agencies will produce better content than unskilled employees. Even if your marketing manager has a nice pen, if he has not been trained in web writing, there is little chance that its contents have the effectiveness of those produced by an agency. In addition, he will probably be unfamiliar with the tools and tactics of good content management.

Integration & troubleshooting . If you do not have a webmaster, make sure that the chosen agency also has the minimum technical expertise required to integrate your content and quickly solve the small technical problems that may be encountered when publishing web content .

7 selection criteria


The major advantage of a specialized agency is of course its expertise in content marketing. She therefore has every interest in highlighting it on its website and in its communications. So, of course, that’s the first thing you’ll check. What content strategy does it adopt for itself? Is his site clear and effective? Is its content varied and relevant (even inspiring)? Does it have interesting and credible references? Do his accomplishments speak to you?

If none of this can be seen on the agency’s website: if you find trivial content, no or few references, a poorly structured site or, worse, poorly written texts (yes, yes, I assure you, I saw some …), go your way.

Finally, do not forget that content is not just text. Make sure the agency is able to vary formats, produce visuals, infographics, or even videos to boost your communications

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