How to Create a Mobile Application for Your WordPress Site

Do you know how to create an Android or IOS application of your blog or website under WordPress? Do you also want to have the icon of your site on your phone? Yes ?

But all the options you have tried are either too complicated or too expensive and it is reluctantly that you have thrown in the towel because ” too hard for you”.

Well before we completely throw in the towel, we will try again with you, a new approach called DIY, which will allow you to inexpensively create a basic application of your WordPress site.

PhoneGap Built: a simple and cost-effective way to bring your WordPress site into the mobile world of your users.

The reasons why mobile app creation has exploded today is that having a mobile app has become a form of marketing that increases the chances of your app being discovered by new types of visitors.

Today, it’s about giving your readers the choice to decide how to view your content. And of course, with the continuous rise of internet access via mobile devices, having a mobile app is becoming more popular.

The good news is that the search for good application developers mastering CSS or Java is no longer necessary to create a mobile application for your WordPress website.

You can do it for free and very often without charge. You can also spend a few $ 99 / year to join the IOS developer community to build and distribute your app (directly or through the App Store).

Let me also say something else quite clear: it’s about creating a mobile app to display the content of your WordPress site on your readers’ mobile devices. It’s not about creating applications by using WordPress as an application framework.  

How can we help you today?

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PGB creates applications much more simply

This solution is based on the creation of a simple mobile application, using the PhoneGap Build (PGB) service that really lives up to its claims:

Take your patience if you want to develop WordPress mobile applications.

The main purpose of the application will be to take the InAppBrowser from the device and point it to the home page of your website. As if your reader was using a mobile web browser. The beauty of this approach is that everything is effectively controlled in WordPress using the tools, techniques and technologies you already know.

If you want to change the appearance of your application, you only have to update the WordPress theme , no need to deploy an update of the application itself.

The solution is therefore 1% of the application, 99% of WordPress. Which means you have to, be careful what your WordPress site delivers as content. Even the most responsive theme is likely to not do the trick against mobile apps. You need to make sure that you have optimized the mobile experience, which means thinking about theme, content, menus, and interaction .

This tutorial  will therefore focus on strengthening the application and setting up WordPress.

Download WordPress first, then you can test it by simply browsing on a mobile device or using a simulator – before creating the application. And, always remember that removing an app from a home screen is easier than setting it up.

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