Mobile Apps Serving Businesses

Today, mobility is one of the main IT investments of companies. And for good reason, the use of smartphones and tablets is more and more widespread. Only business mobility investment is not just about creating business applications for customers. Mobility can be put to the service of the company itself and its employees.

“Application company: combine practice, economics and technology”

Mobile and tablet web applications for employees

Named more commonly B To E applications, these applications used by corporate employees are becoming more common. Despite the more or less investment that the development of applications demand, the benefits are at the rendezvous and the return on investment is not expected. From customer benefits to corporate profits, to those of employees, these applications have it all!

What do these mobile web applications and tablets do for business?

The best way to illustrate the benefits of these applications is still to take concrete examples:

Tablet application company: in the context of appointments or a commercial prospection:

Imagine a salesman going to his customers with his tablet directly connected to the application:

  • Convenience : finished the product catalog or the messy briefcase! Everything is on a single tool that does not need to be prepared in advance and does notrepresent a weight constraint . In addition, it is a tool that is used daily, we tend not to forget!
  • Synchronization  : it is not only a fashionable tool, it allows customers to simply show the desired products according to their choice criteria, and which, unlike a product catalog, is updated automatically and without fresh.
  • Saving time  : the salesperson could directly quote to his customers, and so, if the customers express their interest, directly book the product or service. A synchronized schedule also makes it possible to schedule appointments

Mobile application company: in the context of a supermarket type store

Let’s take the example of a large appliance area in which employees take your order directly via their smartphone application in the area where you are. You are then sent directly to the cash register and, just enough time to go, your order is already there, ready to go. For the client and for the employee, once again, certain benefits are made:

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