Never pay in cash again

Whether it is online recharge or online bill payment, a good payment app can facilitate every kind of payment and make money management much easier.

Ever since demonetisation shook the country on November 6, 2016, most people have consciously tried to reduce or defer the use of cash in everyday transactions.

This is helped along by many cashless payment initiatives pitched by the Government. Ably supporting these initiatives, private companies have created a variety of bill payment apps to help users transfer money online without taking recourse to cash transactions. The money is transferred online within seconds, whether for large bank transfers or to settle restaurant bills.

But if you have multiple payment apps on your phone – don’t. The more apps you have on your phone, the more battery power they consume. They also keep running in the background even if you ‘crash’ a current window and move on to browse something else. Thus, even your data gets consumed without your knowledge. Ultimately, the phone also becomes much slower than before.

Instead of multiple apps, you should use just one single-window app that lets you perform a variety of functions. For instance, the myAirtel app is not restricted merely to phone-related functions. It also helps you pay bills online. These are the reasons why you should have the myAirtel app to pay bills online:

* Pay phone and other bills. The myAirtel app lets you quickly know how much data you’ve consumed before billing, your top up options, how to etc. Just open the app to find out bill payment dates – for phone, broadband and utilities – and pay the money using any of the multiple payment options that the app allows. Pay bills online from now on, using the excellent myAirtel app.

* Recharge your prepaid and DTH quickly.The myAirtel app is good for recharging your phone or DTH connection quickly online. Just flick open the app and choose ‘Online recharge’. Now specify whether you wish to prepaid phone or DTH connection recharge. Follow the steps outlined on the app and finish the recharge in under a minute.

* Check whether there is enough network. Most mobile apps do not have this important feature. Sometimes, you find that data speeds are greatly reduced, and it’s all down to the network coverage in the area you are currently in. If you wish to know the network coverage in a certain locality, just open the myAirtel app to find out. You can also know how many cell towers Airtel has in that locality, and the most suitable phone plans therein.

* Buy new phone, broadband or DTH connections. Instead of having to log on to the Airtel website or go to the nearest Airtel store to buy new connections, you can initiate the purchase of a phone, broadband or DTH connection on the myAirtel app.

* New offers.Apart from paying bills online, you can surf the myAirtel app for new cashback and discount offers every month.

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